Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Boogie, el aceitoso (Boogie) Review

Boogie at a glance may appears to be a stylistic and brutally violent cartoon. The film however whilst often brutally violent has no sense of style and is an absolute abomination of a film and is an artistic failure in every way I can fathom.

Boogie is a hitman who's is generally shown to only care about money, taking no joy in anything else. The question as to why he cares for money when he does nothing with it is asked early on, the question however is never addressed in the film. Likewise Boogie is driven throughout the film to prove that he is the best hitman, which contradicts the message that he fells nothing that is simultaneously being repeated ad nauseam throughout the entire proceedings. The story is likewise an inconsistent mess that is unable to present any redeemable qualities.

From a stylistic perspective the film is equally artistically bankrupt and looks like an at best amateur effort by those new to animation. The action lacks any sense of excitement, the pacing is all over the place, the acting ranges from bad to incredibly dreadful  and the editing is equally sub par.

I find it troubling giving the essentially infinite possibilities one has when telling a story that a film like Boogie can exist. I also find it equally difficult to put together an in depth review about this film as I have nothing positive to say and only can list negative aspects about everything present in a film that is as artistically bankrupt as they can come and makes even the worse films one usually has the misfortune of stumbling across seem less horrid in comparison.

Put simply Boogie is a complete disaster that makes even the most putrid hack Hollywood films seem comparatively like high art. I could easily further point out other numerous negative qualities but needless to say Boogie does not simply come not recommended, like the very worst films it comes recommended to never bother with and the rare want for it to be lost in time.

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