Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Musing of a crazed film watcher introducing himself... sort of....

Having previously run a blog dedicated to films that I went on permanent hiatus for quite some time I had sadly abandoned writing about films for far to long. However after much contemplation I have decided to restart and reopen under a new name and with a new purpose. On my previous site I focused more on the technical side of films (in particular the quality of blu-ray transfers) and went on a hiatus that ultimately lead to me closing the site. The reasons for which where varied but the most notable reason was that I felt that I had almost got lost in said technical 'jargon' and was missing out on discussing my reason for creating the blog, to write about the films themselves. Hence in my new blog I hope to focus on the films themselves, although as 4k starts to loom ever so near on the horizon this may change albeit in a no doubt infrequent manner. I currently have no schedule in mind and at least for the time being shall be posting in an ad-hoc manner. In any case I hope any fellow film lovers who stumble upon this blog enjoy what is to come.

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