Friday, 3 October 2014

Tron Legacy Review

Tron Legacy is a sequel to the 1982 film Tron, and stars two of the leads from the original (both Kevin Flynn and Alan Bradley). However the film makers seemingly understood the cult but none the less limited appeal and knowledge of the first film and thus made this follow up as accessible to new combers as it is fans of the original Tron.

The star of this film is a new character Sam, the son of Kevin Flynn. The film begins as Sam is a young boy with his father suddenly disheartening and presumed dead. This leaves Sam the soul heir of the multi-billion dollar company Encom, whom twenty years later he plays a yearly stunt on Encom which is the only time he is shown to be involved with the company. Meanwhile Alan Bradely who is seemingly the only person to believe Kevin Flynn is still alive receives a page from Kevin's old arcade and tells and lets Sam investigate this for himself. Whilst their Sam finds his fathers old workstation and soon their after find himself in the grid (essentially inside a computer).

Needless to say for those who have seen any trailers or similar, the film is undeniably spectacular, from its light cycle chases to its brief but exciting real world action scene and of course it’s light disc battles and many more. The score is likewise simply phenomenal and I would argue is alone worth the price of 'admission'. However the film is not just a visual and audio treat as it does contain several interesting themes that seem to have been largely ignored by its critics. This is particularly evident with the relationship between Clu and Kevin Flynn and what Clu represent with regards to Kevins character. Their are also themes regarding perfection and imperfection and what that constitutes as well as the role technology plays in our life. Whilst this themes are not going to act as an interesting foreshadowing to our own reality as is the case with the original Tron they are none the less relevant to how we live our lives.

Tron Legacy is a film I would strongly recommend viewing with a quality surround sound system and in 3d (as it's video and audio minus some bass clipping is simply breath taking). Simply put Tron Legacy is a film that comes with my highest recommendation.

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