Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Kingsman: The Secret Service Review

Protagonist Egsy, clearly not a standard candidate for
the Kingsman.

I must confess, ever since the film Layer Cake I have been a fan of Kingsman: The Secret Service director Matthew Vaughan, from films like Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class to Stardust he has always made highly entertaining films. All of which have contained great humour, characters and not only well staged and genuinely exciting action scenes, but action scenes that are also frequently wildly inventive. Kingsman: The Secret Service thankfully continues this run of excellent films by Matthew Vaughan.

Gary Unwin, also known as Eggsy is a young man, drifting through life without any real goals or purpose. Soon enough one of his escapades has his path crosses with Harry Hart, who is a member of a secret service known as the Kingsman who are entirely 'gentlemen' in behaviour. After some rudimentary tests Harry seeks to recruit Eggsy into the Kingsman. Performances are strong throughout, but Sofia Boutella as the blade legged femme fatale and Colin Firth as Harry Hart are easily the highlights. Colin Firth in particular will surprisingly enough likely leave many thinking how he would have been a perfect fit for James Bond. Not only fitting the suave nature of Bond with ease, but providing more then up for the challenge of the action scenes present. Likewise whilst Sofia Boutella has minimal dialogue she is able to give a presence that would otherwise be missing from the amusing but non threatening core villain present as portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson.

Sofia Boutella as the femme fatale and Colin Firth is a suave
secret agent are particular highlights.

On that note the humour and action as expected from a Matthew Vaughan film is handled with a flare and whimsy that films with budgets several times larger can't even begin to hope to match. Meanwhile the action is also brutally violent, which is a breathe of fresh air given the large number of the big budget action films having somewhat tepid action due to the restriction a lower rating puts on them. Their is a scene in a church that starts of with one of most ludicrously brilliant lines in quite some time that evolves into what is simply jaw dropping carnage that is stunningly shoot and edited together. For action junkies it is one of the few scenes I have ever seen that truly leaves up to the notion of being worth the price of admission alone. Likewise the finale is suitably spectacular and inventive without out wearing it welcome and dragging on far to long as has become customary for many action films in recent years.

At its core of Kingsman: The Secret Service is an unashamed homage to the older James Bond films where English secret agents used numerous gadgets and the agents being those women want to be with and men want to be. However unlike James Bond Kingsman: The Secret Service features far more humour and has far more brutal and bloody action which helps sets it apart on its own and given the more recent Bonds more serious tone leaves Kingsman felling far more fresh then it probably should. Kingsman: The Secret service comes recommended.

Note: As is far to common I must recommend people stay away from the full trailers for this film as they give far to much away as sadly it seems that those creating trailers still feel the way to sell a film is to simply have a two to three minute summary of many of the key points of a film. I strongly disagree.

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