Sunday, 8 February 2015

My Favourite Films of 2014

Whilst most list for ones best and/or favourite films where release a good few weeks ago I have only finally managed to key together what my own personal favourite films released in 2014 where. At this point I should point out this list is for my favourite films, which in no way equal to best. Part of the reason for this is I find the notion of list of the ‘best’ films to be spurious effort at best. In other words this is a list that is completely down to my subjective opinion. The list is also based on the local release date for the films. Meaning some of these films where released elsewhere in earlier years. Birdman may or may not be among the better films released recently but as they are 2015 releases where I live they are not included. One last note is that the list is simply presented in alphabetical order and not in order of preference.

Ain't Them Bodies Saints:
Ain't Them Bodies Saints in many ways is a very simple film. It is none the less a powerful film that largely removes itself from any obvious time period and is about two individuals who are in love and forced to live separately due to their own egregious mistakes. Fantastic performances throughout along with what would easily be my favorite score of the year (which utilizes clapping throughout as part of the music and is oddly fitting) in an emotionally draining film that I adored.

The Double:
The Double is the film on this list that I imagine is most likely to divide audiences. Self conscious but still dramatically effective I found myself chuckling throughout. Combine that with some gorgeous cinematography and a timeless and particularly odd world and you have a film that whilst no revelation was a breathe of fresh air that is as bizarre as it is enjoyable.

Edge of Tomorrow:
Two years in a row a large budget Tom Cruise 'sci-fi' film have made it into my favorite films list. It would be, and certainly is easy to make fun of Tom for his off screen antic and whilst doing so may be fun for many, those antics don't negate the quality of his acting, or the films he stars in. Likewise in a year full of disappointing larger budget films Edge of Tomorrow was a sadly overlooked film that was far better then its more successful but far less enjoyable competition. Featuring stunning action, a story that whilst flawed (a continuous problem with stories involving time travel) holds your interest with enough characters fleshed out just enough to care about what is happening. Likewise whilst the live action was converted to 3d it is easily one of the better example of what the 3d format has to offer especially as it wasn't afraid of using heavier levels of depth.


Their is very little I could hope to say about Her that hasn't been already said a great number of times before. Simply put it is about a man who falls in love with his computer, or more accurately an artificial intelligence. The surprising part is that it comes of as genuine without any sense of self awareness, yet still works. This is of course no doubt thanks to the ever brilliant Spike Jonze who both wrote and directed the film (and made a personal favorite of mine Adaptation) along with some simply brilliant action and cinematography, which also applies to the film directly below which shares the same cinematographer (and was also the cinematographer on another favorite of mine, Let the Right One In).

Interstellar disappointed many their is no denying. It arrived with beyond high levels of hype thanks to director Christopher Nolan helming the film along with some utterly fantastic trailers. I myself found that it lived up to the hype and found it refreshing for a large budget film to feature so little action whilst remaining captivating and is another in director Christopher Nolans long run of hit films.

The Wolf of Wall Street:
After Hugo flopped Martin Scorsese is back making a film in what could only be described as more familiar territory for the director. That isn't necessarily as bad thing as the film was one of my favorites released last year, being both vile and brilliant throughout. I none the less would like to see the director make some less predictable film choices in the future. However when the film is this good such a complaint is nit picking at best.

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