Wednesday, 28 October 2015

In Your Eyes Review

Whilst In Your Eyes isn't going to win awards for its cinematography it's none
the less an occasionally stunning film.

In Your Eyes is a film that not only bypassed your local cinema, but also bypassed a traditional home video release. Instead opting for a straight to digital release, initially being sold for five dollars (though it has since been put on streaming services and a physical release is planned for early next year). Usually when I see a film that is intended to not go to cinemas I plan for the worse. Typically the production values are middling at best and the films typically have so little passion behind them it is remarkable they where ever completed. Recent years however have shown a distinct change in direction, with numerous smaller films intended for digital distribution  not only being surprisingly good, but far better then many of the films in your local multiplex. This however still remains the exception to the norm, and with In Your Eyes being billed as a romantic comedy, my expectations couldn't be lower, that is until I heard of Joss Whedon's involvement (best known for television work such as Buffy and Firefly and those small Avenger comic book films).

The premise is simple, there are two individuals who have never directly meet but share a bond, and often feeling what the other feels (both physically and mentally). In a more comic book style film this would likely lead to an early realization of this and how this is possible would be explored. However in this film it leads to the two individuals living there lives separately, confused and understandably not understanding what they are experiencing. Unaware of what is happening both individuals are damaged by this in different ways. This however all changes when they suddenly are able to communicate with one another and see what the other sees and understand what has been happening to them for decades.

The two different locations presented help reinforce the connection the two leads
 have in spite of there obvious physical separation.

At first as you may expect, both characters think they are simply loosing there minds but quickly they come to the realization that what is happening is real. From there the film quite tightly follows the typical romcom formula, although I wouldn't call this film a romcom, rather it is an indie romance that simply follows a well know formula from another genre. We all know the basic outline for a romcom, hurdles are presented to the relationship that must be overcome, the boy must chase the girl at some point and so on. One may assume that the large distinction this film has over other similar films is that the characters are never in the same state, let alone the same room. But beyond being a spring board and providing a unique twist, the connection they share isn't directly what makes the film shine, and is little more then a plot deivce. Simply put the film comes of as genuine especially when compare to most other films, let alone other romcom or romance films. Likewise it doesn't rush a forced relationship upon the viewer that no one is going to believe. Instead it slowly reveals the flaws that this abnormal connection has caused and slowly shows how what was once so damaging was slowly healing itself and how they had unknowingly also helped on another previously in a well paced build that is surprisingly touching.

With that said In Your Eyes is far from perfect. The last few minutes in particular fells tonally of from what had been present up to that point. Likewise those who are looking for a truly unique film that explores the ramifications of this connection the two leads share beyond how it directly has and continues to effect them will  no doubt be left disappointing. With that said it is abundantly clear that In Your Eyes has not interest exploring how this phenomena has occurred and the rules by which it complies. Rather the film simply uses it as a device to spring forward a different take on what is an over-saturated and largely stagnant genre.

With all that said, In Your Eyes isn't the film that will convince those who are not a fan of romance based films otherwise. It does however offer what is amusingly a far more believable relationship then one typically sees in such films, and whilst it does stumble in its finale it remains a refreshing film with a paltry number of issue compared to everything it does well. Recommended.

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