Monday, 2 November 2015

Jurassic World Review

Jurassic World with its odd choice of 2.00:1 framing is unique if nothing else.

In recent years there has been a continuing and escalating trend of what for some is a no doubt a worrying trend. Larger Hollywood films in particular have become far to reliant revisiting old film franchises or continuing existing well known franchises, churn out sequel after sequel with few new original series being given a chance. Whilst this is far from an ideal situation it doesn't negate that some of this films are terrific regardless. With that in mind does Jurassic World flounder or does it thrive, breathing new life into a series that apart from the first entry has garnered a middling response.

Jurassic World quickly introduces as to a plethora of characters often dedicating entire scenes to these introductions with one character introduction after the other. This may seem great and in theory it would be. The problem is that whilst it so clearly wants to use these scenes to invest us in the characters for the rest of the film, the characters are particularly one dimensional and these introductions serve little purpose then show the rather basic archetypes that each character is. There is the business focused character, so focused on her job she has not time for family and is running the newly established Jurassic World. The "charming" adventurous type character along with the character we are so obviously meant to hate, and two admittedly not so annoying brothers which is rather new ground for this series.

The Dinosaurs along with other effects often feel oddly disconnected
from there surroundings. 

But this is a Jurassic Park film, so dinosaurs must break free somehow and chaos must ensure, an this ensemble of rather generic characters is more then up to the task. I will first admit the first 'creature' (as they continuously say things like "it is not dinosaur" and similar) to escape does so in what is a rather exciting sequence. The problem is, that even whilst this sequence was entertaining enough, the characters actions that allow this to happen are so poorly thought out one wouldn't expect them to be in charge of containing numerous dinosaurs, but alas they are and thus we have the catalyst for what will be the driving force behind the film.

Of course things don't go so smoothly but from this point the film continues to not only be fairly predictable, but overly reliant on referencing the far better first entry of this series. Characters take breaks from being hunted by some monster that was just recently trying to eat them to slowly walk through and notice things that I can only assume was meant to fill me full of nostalgia from enjoying the first film. The action present whilst no doubt well staged is a mostly dull affair as the films continues and the scripts hard to ignore issues continue to weigh the film down. That isn't to say that there are no scenes that will grab your attention, just that many fail to do so. The poor and nonsensical plotting continues through to the finale with several not only implausible scenes but impractical scenes occuring all to let the film stumble into its final act where things become even more ludicrous and sadly not in a good way.

Jurassic World had obvious potential, how hard can it really be to put together a good enough script where dinosaurs cause chaos. Sadly the script seems to have been a rushed and the director seems to have simply not been ready to lead such a large film. This along with the above mentioned issues result in a film that is poorly paced, derivative and rarely involving. For those looking for nothing but some dinosaur carnage Jurassic World will provide for serviceable entertainment. However for everyone else Jurassic World does not come recommended.

No awards for guessing who the tired and forced semi-love story is
between in Jurassic World.

What about the 3d:  Like far to many of the larger budget films of recent, Jurassic World was not shoot in 3d, with the film makers opting to shoot on a mixture of 35mm and 65mm film. The result at first are quite good, but as the films continues the 3d whilst still present is overly cautious. Likewise there are notable conversion errors such as warping or objects placed at the wrong depth levels. I imagine few will notice these faults, they however are none the less issues that detract from a 3d presentation that clearly needed more time and/or care. Likewise darker scenes which where clearly shoot on film lack detail in the darkest of sections which results in such scenes looking relatively flat.

With that said the film certainly is improved by the addition of 3d with action scenes in particular working for better then when viewed in 3d with everything being far easier to keep track of. For those who have always hated 3d, its use here will likely not convince you otherwise. For those who have enjoyed the format at all, 3d is the way to view Jurassic World. Note: for those who have enjoyed this film and enjoyed its use of 3d I would strongly recommend you view the original Jurassic Park in 3d, it use of the format is superior with higher levels of depth, that and the film is far more enjoyable.

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